When my daughters and their friends play in a swimming pool, they quickly get overexcited. Above the surface they are rambunctious and high-spirited.

But when they are underwater, it is a very different picture. Suddenly, noise turns to silence, ebullience is replaced by tranquillity, and movements slow down and become graceful. Cradled by the water, they float, they dance, they fly. Their faces radiate calm and peace. I see another side of their persona, a fleeting glimpse of the graceful women and gentle men they will one day grow up to be.

La Piscine was judged Top 30 in the portrait category of the Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2018 , received an Honourable Mention in the children portrait of International Photography Awards IPA 2018 and won the Children series category in the 12th Julia Margaret Cameron awards.


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