Summer 2022 was a scorcher in France. Heatwave spanning over weeks, shocking wildfires, extensive drought, lost harvests. Climate change was the talk but not the priority of the season. It was the holidays after all. The last two summers had been ruined by covid and the beginning of the year plagued by the senseless invasion of Ukraine. People just wanted to have fun and forget about the reigning mess.

The sun was shining, a bit too much tough. The lucky ones found respite in the water. I was one of them. Every day I went down to a river. I am not sure how many people noticed the low water level, but they all enjoyed the warm currents. I couldn’t help but look at the carefree and happy people frolicking around while I was swimming. Underwater, the light shining on their weightless and free bodies against the dark and blurry background was glorious. The sunrays piercing through, the water bubbles and the river dust created perfect canvas.

That’s how I will remember summer 2022: capturing people relishing moments in a generous and beautiful river while wondering how many more summers are left before it runs dry.

This series won 3rd place  in the People category of the 9th Fine Art Photography Awards 2023.

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