"Everywhere I look, and most of the time I look, I see photographs."

This quote, by the late British photographer documentary and press

Bert Hardy, defines the way I envisage photography. Working with only one type of photography would be impossible for me. Photography is like life, rich, manifold and unexpected. Its many ways and infinite possibilities need to be explored. This is the reason why my work ranges from street photography to documentary, portrait fine art and landscape photography. This diversity constantly boosts my inspiration and creativity.

I started photography after moving to the Philippines early 2004. I wanted for my friends back in Europe to experience Manila, to see what I was seeing. I quickly came to realise that the best way to do this was through pictures, rather than words, even though I come from a literary background. Photographing my surroundings, people, street life, landscapes, and just about everything around me became natural, vital. It opened my eyes and my mind, and increased my curiosity and enthusiasm.

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